Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory

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Oak Crest’s synthetic chemistry laboratory is a 1,700 ft2 facility with wet-lab bench space fully equipped for chemical synthesis. Available equipment and instrumentation includes:

  • Four chemical fume hoods
  • Vacuum lines for inert-atmosphere synthesis, gas-phase reactions, and sample drying
  • Multiple Buchi rotary evaporators
  • Vacuum Atmospheres inert atmosphere glovebox with M-Braun re-circulating purifier
  • Refrigeration and freezing (4°C, 0°C, -20°C, -30°C, -80°C)
  • Microwave synthesis system (Milestone FlexiWave)
  • Speed-vac system (Savant)
  • Custom-built prep-scale HPLC system
  • Deionized water system for both 1MΩ deionized and MilliQ (>18 MΩ) water
  • Liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and wet ice supply