Oak Crest Summer Academy

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The Oak Crest Summer Academy (OCSA) is a two-week in-lab experience at the Oak Crest Institute of Science in collaboration with the City of Monrovia. Participants are introduced to a variety of scientific fields through hands-on experiments mentored by research scientists. Students will be exposed to biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science in an engaging yet fun research environment. The Academy philosophy is ‘Learning by Doing’ and participants use scientific thinking and techniques to solve clues to help uncover a mystery.

And the Summer 2018 plot thickens…

March 15, 2018, 16:00 hours: During a routine patrol, Park Rangers recover unusual and suspicious objects found near Monrovia Canyon Waterfall. Exhibiting puzzling properties and wishing to seek answers, these artifacts were brought in for analysis to the OCSA. It will be the challenge of the junior researchers utilizing scientific reasoning and sophisticated lab instrumentation from Oak Crest Institute of Science to provide scientific facts that these artifacts could  be of extraterrestrial origin… but much more research is needed!

Oak Crest is offering an opportunity for students in grades 8 – 10 to assist scientists in this endeavor by contributing as Junior Researchers.

Registration is offered through the City of Monrovia with a session fee of $40.00. Enrollment is limited to twelve junior researchers per session. Family and income based discounts are available.