The atmospheric chemistry and aerosol research facility at houses equipment and instrumentation for the generation and measurement of gas-phase and aerosol standards in the laboratory, and for the collection and analysis of environmental gas and aerosol samples in the field.

Gas-phase measurements:

  • Licor LI-7000 CO2/H2O and LI-6251 CO2 analyzers
  • Dasibi 1003 O3 analyzers
  • Thermo Model 42 NO/NOx analyzer
  • Dasibi 3008 CO analyzer
  • Monitor Labs 8850 S SO2 analyzer
  • SRI 310 and 8610B GC systems for field measurements
  • Horiba FID analyzer for hydrocarbons
  • Midac field-portable FTIR
  • Unisearch LasIR LCM-03 tunable diode laser spectrometer system (CO2/CO)
  • Custom non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy platform configurable for measurement of gas-phase species including CO2, CO, N2O, CH4, hydrocarbons, SF6, H2O
  • Custom tunable diode-laser spectroscopy platform configurable for measurement of gas-phase species including HCN, NH312/13CO2, CO, N2O, CH4, C2H2, H2O
  • Annular, Coffler, and wet-effluent denuder systems for collection of trace atmospheric gases

Aerosol measurement:

  • TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer
  • TSI 3760A Condensation Particle Counters
  • TSI 3753 laser particle counter
  • MOUDI and low-pressure impactors for aerosol size fractionation to < 0.05 µm diameter
  • Rupprecht & Patashnick TEOM

Other equipment:

  • Custom 4-gas blending system
  • Licor LI-610 portable dew point generator
  • Custom aerosol generation system with vibrating orifice and Collison nebulizers, diffusion dryer, condensation tower, and multi-port sampling and measurement chamber
  • Portable weather station for field measurements
  • Mobile research lab vehicle (minivan) outfitted with research instrumentation and calibration system for field measurements