Instrumentation for Biology Research

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The following biology instrumentation is available in multiple labs:

  • BioRad CFX96 Touch six-channel Real-Time PCR Detection System
  • Li-Cor  Odyssey Fc dual-mode Western Imaging System
  • BioRad C1000 Touch and Mycycler PCR machines
  • EMD Millipore MAGPIX R-01577135B (Luminex) multiplexing instrument for biomarker analysis and immunoassays using magnetic bead-based multi-analyte panels
  • Kingfisher Flex Purification System (96 well plate format)
  • Millipore Guava easyCyte flow cytometer
  • Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur FACS
  • Techne hybridizer
  • Molecular Devices Spectramax plus 384 microplate readers (three systems)
  • Beacon 2000 Fluorescence Polarization spectrometer
  • Finstruments Fluoroscan II microplate reader
  • Beckman TL-100 ultracentrifuge
  • Beckman J2-MC floor centrifuge
  • Fisher Scientific Accuspin Micro 17R and Sorvall RT6000B refrigerated centrifuges
  • Virtis Freezemobile 12SL lyophilizer