• 300 MHz NMR system: Bruker Avance II with multi-nuclear probes (BBO 300SB and BH080596) and 120 position sample changer
  • FTIR spectrometers: Bruker Vertex 70 & Nicolet Magna-IR 760 (10,000-500 cm-1¬†range, 0.125 cm-1¬†resolution)
  • UV-visible absorption spectrometers: Cary 50Bio spectrometer with multi-sample changer, three HP 8452 diode-array spectrometers (one with OLIS SpectralWorks hardware/software upgrade and GlobalWorks kinetics analysis software), Shimadzu UV-2401 scanning spectrometer (200-820 nm), Hitachi U-3410 and Perkin Elmer 330 scanning UV-vis-NIR spectrometers (190-2600 nm).
  • Hitachi FL4500 laboratory fluorescence spectrometer
  • ISA SPEX Fluorolog research-grade modular fluorescence spectrometer
  • Raman spectroscopy: Chromex 250is imaging spectrograph with Princeton Instruments CCD camera; ISA SPEX 0.85m spectrometer with CCD and PMT detectors; Ar+, CW Nd:YAG, and diode laser sources
  • Malvern Mastersizer 3000 particle sizer with liquid and powder sampling accessories


  • EG&G PAR 273A, 263A, and VersaStat digital potentiostats
  • EG&G PAR 173 analog potentiostat with EG&G PAR 175 scan/sweep controller
  • EG&G PAR 363 analog potentiostat with eDAQ Echem digital interface and software
  • EG&G Model 5210 analog lock-in amplifier
  • Instrument control and data acquisition software suite (LabView-based) written in-house for cyclic voltammetry and other standard electrochemical experiments, as well as rapid development of custom techniques