Oak Crest originated with the goal of providing an academic science research environment accessible to participants spanning a broad diversity of educational levels; high school to post grad. It was the vision of Dr. Marc Baum, Oak Crest’s founder, that a small, intimate research institute could be highly complementary to established large institutions of higher learning in conducting rigorous, productive, relevant science research while broadening the participation of underrepresented groups (by race, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic standing) in science. Three years after its 1998 incorporation this vision solidified; Drs. Baum and Moss (Senior Faculty, joined the Institute in 2001) started the first research program at Oak Crest that served community college students exclusively. Since then, programs have been added, some expanded, the number of staff tripled and the facility size has grown to match. Oak Crest continues to prosper thanks to invaluable contributions by researchers, from volunteers up through senior faculty, and through the generous funding support from government, foundations, industry, and private donors.