A major research arm at Oak Crest consists of developing solutions to important medical challenges, primarily in infectious diseases, using innovative chemistry and biology approaches. These efforts can be subdivided into four broad areas of research:

  • Controlled Release Drug Delivery. Adherence to compliance and toxicity from the large doses administered to maintain therapeutic levels are two major problems with standard drug delivery methods. We have an extensive drug delivery program that addresses these issues through controlled and directed release of the drug in vivo in a manner that optimizes the pharmacokinetics, safety, and efficacy.
  • Medical Instrumentation. Breath analysis is a powerful, non-invasive technique to obtain valuable diagnostic information such as cardiac output, pulmonary function, and pulmonary diffusive capacity, among others. We have developed a range of novel devices that meet these important needs using miniaturized, high speed, spectroscopic platforms.
  • Bacterial Biofilms. A wide range of chronic infections are associated with bacterial biofilms and treatment of these conditions has proven difficult. Little is known about how these communities are established in vivo and how the various species interact. We are studying the multiomics of microbial communities in biofilms from samples collected directly from patients suffering from a range of chronic infections in an attempt to better understand these complex systems.
  • Therapies for Infectious Diseases. Infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria make up some of the most urgent global health priorities. We are investigating innovative approaches to these developing world problems, including isolation and characterization of natural products from plant sources, probiotics, an phage therapy.