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New Microbiology Methodology Developed by Oak Crest Researchers

Posted by | June 9, 2014

The scientific community at large is benefitting from the insight and innovation of researchers at the Oak Crest Institute of Science. Recent publications in the Journal of Microbiological Methods and the book series Methods in Molecular Biology have focused on in the development and validation of new, diverse methods for use in microbiology through research directed by senior faculty, Drs. Marc Baum, John Moss, and Paul Webster, and senior scientist Manjula Gunawardana.

This multidisciplinary group of researchers has authored and published in the past few months three book chapters and a full-length paper describing novel methods and protocols for microbiology that are applicable in broad areas of research, ranging from the vaginal microbiome to microbial communities in the highly unusual environment of natural asphalt and tar pools. Dr. Webster noted, “An important part of science research is to acknowledge that we do not know everything already, and that new tools and approaches have to be developed to continue our exploration of the unknown”.

Advances discussed in these publications underscore Oak Crest’s commitment to sound experimental science and the pioneering of new methods of studying microorganisms in different habitats. “Developing and validating new experimental methods is not always glamorous or appreciated work, but these new techniques enable studies that previously may not have been achievable”, said Dr. Baum. “As scientists, we want to share these accomplishments with the community at large so that everyone may take advantage of them.”

Details of these new methods and protocols may be found at: