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An innovative chemistry and biology research and education center where today’s scientists immerse a diversity of students of all academic levels in high-impact research, cultivating tomorrow’s scientists one individual at a time.

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World Class Research
Through our medical and environmental science research we impact the world with technical innovations, publications, and by involving students of all ages in STEM.


State of the Art Facilities
Our advanced facilities allow us to excel in research, education, and innovation.

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We support a wide range of organizations in their research by providing services and access to specialized equipment.

We collaborate with top educational, scientific, and applied research organizations around the world.

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Join Founder and CEO Marc Baum on a tour of our world-class research facility where scientists and students from around the world come to learn and conduct cutting edge research.
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  • 2021 Oak Crest fellows
  • Oak Crest Fellows 2021
  • Oak Crest Fellows 2021
  • Oak Crest Fellows 2021
  • Oak Crest Fellows 2021

Oak Crest Fellows at work in the lab

Our fellows have been busy learning about our research and some of the methods we use at Oak Crest. So far they have been introduced to microscopy, analytical chemistry and drug delivery. Working in ...

  • adult male Pacific Coast Tick
  • adult male Pacific Coast Tick
  • adult female Pacific Coast Tick
  • adult female Pacific Coast Tick

Monrovia Canyon Ticks

This is a reminder for our community to be aware of ticks in our environment. Simon has been collecting ticks from an area adjacent to our local Monrovia Canyon for our work on diagnostic ...

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