Laboratory Internships

Each summer we invite high school and community college students into our laboratories to learn biotechnology skills. The students work with professional scientists to experience life in a biotechnology research laboratory. Split into groups, the students work in our laboratories to learn about molecular and microbiology, analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, synthetic chemistry, biomedical devices, drug delivery, and light and electron microscopy.

These projects focus on studying complex microbial communities in a variety of habitats. Students will learn basic lab safety, and will gradually become immersed in studies using advanced research techniques and will have the opportunity to use common lab instruments. Rather than learning from a textbook or in a classroom, students are given specialized, individual attention from experienced research scientists at Oak Crest. They are given the guidance that will nurture an interest in science and bring it to college level experience in a lab setting.

Students are asked to provide an instructor’s reference with their application. A group orientation in June begins the Summer Volunteer Program. Students that successfully par­tic­i­pate in the Summer Volunteer Program may continue year-round volunteering, or return the following summer to continue their research.

This program is currently on hold due to the CVOID-19 pandemic.
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