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  • Where does the Oak Crest name come from? When Oak Crest was founded in 1998, we were focused on environmental research and education. The oak tree symbolizes teaching, learning, wisdom, and the environment. Crests occur on land, water, and in clouds, i.e., nature. Integrating the two, we came up with the Oak Crest Institute of Science, a name that represents our dual mission.
  • Do Oak Crest alumni pursue careers related to science and engineering? More than 80% of alumni from Oak Crest who graduated from their home institutions and then pursued the next highest educational level and/or career step in their chosen scientific or medical field.
  • How many people do your programs serve? More than 25,000 K-14 students and teachers served annually by our programs.


Medical Research

The biomedical research at Oak Crest produces groundbreaking advances in drug formulations that are urgently ...

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