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Oak Crest Launches “Ask a Scientist” Forum

Posted by Marc M. Baum | November 17, 2015

The Oak Crest Institute of Science is pleased to introduce a new quarterly “science café” that will enable local scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and community members to meet and discuss current and relevant scientific or technological topics side-by-side with some of the region’s leading researchers.

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The inaugural Ask a Scientist event will be hosted by MADIA Tech Launch at their December 8 meet-up at Jake’s Road House, 622 S. Myrtle Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Dr. Marc Baum, Oak Crest President and Senior Faculty, will discuss “DNA Sequencing in Our Daily Life.” The event is open to the public and is free of charge.

The Ask a Scientist series will be casual, educational and entertaining. Each event will feature an expert speaker who will present a short 5-10 minute overview on a specific scientific topic. Audience members can then ask all those tough questions that curious minds want to know.

Held at various venues throughout the San Gabriel Valley, Ask a Scientist will provide an intimate setting and relaxed atmosphere where guests can engage in lively discussions, share ideas and ponder how future advancements in science and technology will affect the world we live in.

“The goal of this program is to instill an interest in science by inspiring individuals from all educational levels, career fields and walks of life to develop a deeper understanding of what underlies the world we live in,” says Dr. Baum.

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Upcoming topics include:

  • Global HIV Prevention  – Is the End of HIV Near?
  • The Great Debate: What’s Behind GMOs and Are They Safe?
  • Better or Worse: Air Pollution in the South Coast Basin
  • What Is a Bacterial Biofilm and Why Should You Care?
  • That Gut Feeling – Probiotics Do They Work and Do They Have a Future?
  • Planet – Heal Thy Self. A Look at the Medicinal Value of Natural Products
  • The Link Between Chronic Infections and Bacterial Biofilms
  • What Can the Human Microbiome Project Do For You?

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“Oak Crest’s collaboration with MADIA Tech Launch makes perfect sense,” adds Dr. Baum. “As a career, company and industry incubator, MADIA’s mission is to provide educational services to the region’s technical, scientific and industrial workforce. This mission clearly complements Oak Crest’s mission to train future scientists from a wide variety of backgrounds and educational levels,” he adds.  “Together, both organizations can increase awareness of the outstanding scientific and technological enterprises residing in the greater San Gabriel Valley.”

Watch for further announcements regarding Ask a Scientist events on the Oak Crest website as well as on Oak Crest’s Facebook page.  Announcements will also be posted on MADIA Tech Launch’s webpage and on their LinkedIn Group page.