The biomedical laboratory is housed in a dedicated 1,200 sq ft laboratory, a separate pilot-scale manufacturing space (1,000 sq ft), and a 100 sq ft hard-wall class 10,000 clean room. The facility includes the following equipment.

Major Research Equipment

  • Thermoplastic (Morgan Press G-55T thermoplastic injection molder) and liquid silicone (built in-house) injection molding machines for development and small-run (<100 pieces) fabrication
  • Ultrasonic welding system (Dukane iQ Servo)
  • Plasma cleaner (Herrick PDC-001)
  • Two-axis laser cutter
  • Benchtop manual tablet press (Natoli RD10A and Globe Pharma)
  • Laboratory spray dryer system (Buchi B290)
  • Benchtop fluidized bed coating system (Vector VFC-LAB Micro)
  • Temperature programmable ovens (25-500 °C) for drying and thermal processing
  • Temperature and humidity controlled stability chamber
  • USP Type II dissolution system, with 8-channel autosampler coupled to Cary 50Bio UV-visible absorption spectrometer
  • Orbital shaker systems
  • TerraUniversal modular hardwall class 10,000 clean-room (10’ × 10’): for clean preparation of prototype biomedical devices for animal and clinical work
  • Assembly station: Nordson adhesive delivery system, vacuum pick-up tool
  • Validatable medical pouch sealer (Accu-Seal 5300-15-B)