As we move toward the winter holidays, it is probably not the time to begin thinking about summer. However, the cold, dark evenings are the best time to plan for the year ahead…

At Oak Crest we have begun planning our summer activities already, and while not having any set dates yet, we know what will be offered:

Summer 2020

For 7th to 9th grade students we will offer a 2-week Junior Researcher Academy, where participants will learn how to work in a laboratory and perform experiments. The laboratory experience is coupled with science-related field trips to explore the world around us.

For Monrovia High School students, the City of Monrovia will once again be offering YES internships. Students who accept an internship will try an occupation of their choice in one of the many businesses throughout Monrovia. Last year Oak Crest hosted 8 YES interns to work with us.

For students in high school, community college, or even in a 4-year college, we offer laboratory skills training. Participants rotate through the Oak Crest laboratories learning many skills in preparation for a career in science.

Keep an eye open for the dates… Coming soon!