Work on the carport started in earnest this week, with materials and heavy machinery (see photo) arriving first thing Monday AM. The first order of business was to locate the four locations for the structural steel posts and to verify that these would not impede access to parking, particularly the ADA spot. After obtaining approval from the City inspector, the concrete was saw-cut at those spots. The thickness of the concrete slap varied quite a bit from hole to hole. One hole had such deep concrete that a much larger hole had to be dug. There were also some metal plates present, so it was decided to use a spread footing for that location. Following soil removal from one of the other holes, we ran into some pipes and had So. Cal. Gas out to field verify they were not their active lines. They confirmed and we cut what we believe were old irrigation lines and completed the hole. Never a dull moment!

The soils engineer came out on Thursday. He and our structural engineer will write reports on the soils and the construction of the carport per the permit and the City. We hope to have the four steel posts in place with concrete poured by middle of next week.