Start-up @ MOST-IP: Science first but then what?

Dear friend of Oak Crest,

in 2019 Oak Crest launched MOST-IP, the Monrovia – Oak Crest Science and Technology Incubator Program, in collaboration with the City of Monrovia and Newton World Enterprises LLC.

We are happy to announce the first MOST-IP event during MADIA Biotech 2020 focused on how to commercialize laboratory discoveries. Why another startup incubator? If you have visited Oak Crest you know that we operate like 22-year-old startup, with a dynamic, unconventional team that is doing academic research and education differently. We have had many successes and made our share of mistakes, so why not help startups and future founders navigate all of that?

Join us on Wednesday March 4, 2020 for an afternoon of seminars and discussions on how to “Start-up @ MOST-IP”! Please register here:


Download the flyer here:


The event is free of charge and open to students, future & current founders, and anyone interested in tech startups!

Speakers include:

We are looking forward to your visit!